WordPress Optimal Hosting


Wordpress Optimal Hosting with free migration to our server and website optimization.


What you get when you host your WordPress website on our Optimal WordPress Hosting Server:

  • Free migration to our server.
  • Cloudflare optimized DNS.
  • Premium WordPress caching plugin optimized for your website.
  • Wordfence free version optimized for your website.
  • NGINX server with Gzip compression.
  • Optimized firewall settings to prevent attacks and hacking.
  • A much faster loading website than you ever imagined!
  • Plan is for 1 year of WordPress Optimal Hosting.

We do all the work on your website to optimize it for speed and security. This is not included at any other hosting provider! It is a customized service especially for your website, no matter what type of website you are running, we will optimize it to run faster than you ever imagined!


The process from migration to optimization:

We guarantee that your WordPress website will be migrated and running on our WordPress Optimal Server within 24 hours of your order.

  1. We login to your WordPress website and install our migration tools.
  2. You then change your domain name to point to our server.
  3. We install WordPress on your domain.
  4. We then copy your WordPress site files from our cloud backup to the new WordPress installation.
  5. We login to your website on our server and optimize all settings.

The process will take less than 24 hours and you should have at the most only 30 minutes of downtime.


What sites do we accept and what are the resource limits?

We accept any website as long as it does not exceed the following limits:

  • Disk space must be less than 3GB for both files and database.
  • Data transfer must be less than 100GB per month.
  • RAM / CPU usage must be less than 2GB at any time.
  • We do not allow torrent sites, media streaming or chat sites.
  • A single file upload must not exceed 20MB.


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