Deluxe Virtual Host Migration


Migration of your website(s) to your virtual cloud server that we build for you on DigitalOcean. Please choose the quantity of websites you require the migration service for.


Migration of your website(s) to a virtual cloud server that we build for you on DigitalOcean.


    • Virtual cloud server built.
    • Migration from old server to your virtual cloud server.
    • Malware scanned and removed if necessary.
    • Website security hardening.
    • Daily backups with premium plugin installation.
    • Cloudflare DNS setup and optimized.
    • Premium cache plugin installed and optimized for a faster loading website.
    • SSL certificate installed through LetsEncrypt with auto renewing cronjob. (root access required)


Note: You are responsible for hosting costs at DigitalOcean. For more than 1 website you will require a hosting plan minimal $20 per month. If your websites have a lot of traffic you are able to scale resources through your DigitalOcean account.

Note: For daily backups you will need a DigitalOcean space or you can order the backup service separately using our DigitalOcean space.

For the $10 free DigitalOcean credit you must create a new account here.


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